I have an event generator connected and publishing messages into an IoT hub. How do I check what message have arrived? I'd be interested in different ways to determine (programmatically, dashboard, etc)


There is a cross-platform Azure IoT Toolkit extension for Visual Studio Code to make you able to monitor the messages sent to Azure IoT Hub.


You could check out the Wiki Page to see the full features and tutorials.



If you want to simply test the messages, you can download the Device Explorer sample app (open source on GitHub), configure it with your connection string and monitor the messages.

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  • Does this evict the message from IoT Hub? – Brig Feb 16 '16 at 17:04
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    Messages are deleted after the defined retention period – CSharpRocks Feb 16 '16 at 17:20

Just adding two more options for future reference:

Azure CLI

At a PowerShell prompt type

  • az login

The az login command will open a new web browser window and ask your to log into your Azure Subscription account.

  • Next we need to generate a SAS token.

    We can do this by running this command in the Azure CLI window:

az iot hub generate-sas-token --duration -n

Now we have our SAS Token, we can start monitoring the hub messages by running the following command:

az iot hub monitor-events --hub-name

for more details please read: https://github.com/AzureIoTGBB/How-To-Monitor-Azure-IoT-Hub-with-Azure-CLI-2.0

Azure Function

  • Create a Function App by clicking the below in the Azure Portal “Create New” blade. This is the “container” which holds your functions.
  • Once the Function is created, navigate to the “Create new function from template page”: Select IoT Hub (Event Hub) and Javascript or C# as the language Conveniently, Azure Functions will create the connection with IoT Hub for you after selecting this template,
  • Next you just have to click on the "new" button and select the proper IoT Hub instance:
  • Click "Create" and the Function just created will be triggered by the IoT Hub events
  • The function is created with boilerplate code console logging the messages
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    I had to add an extension to the Azure CLI in order for the listed commands to work az extension add --name azure-cli-iot-ext – The Hoff Feb 26 at 5:17

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