I am trying to run a simple C++ program on CLion. The problem is that when I try to compile and run it, it shows the result in the application console. I want to run on the System console like the Visual Studio runs the output of the console apps. Is there a way of doing this. I use MINGW compiler.

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You can use an external terminal, do these steps.

  1. (top menu) run\ edit Configurations
  2. tick 'run in external console'

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    What IDE version is it? I don't have that option. Commented Feb 2, 2022 at 9:16

Well, if anyone is still around wanting to open an external cmd window on run, there is a way to do it on Windows as well:

  1. Go to Run > Edit Configurations
  2. For the executable select C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
  3. For program arguments use: /c "start cmd.exe @cmd /k "ProjectName.exe""
  4. For working directory set the cmake debug (or release) folder
  5. Save and select the profile from the dropdown right next to the run button

Note: In the third step /k can be replaced with /c to make the window close after the program is run (with /c its more like visual studio and with /k its more like code blocks)


the above answer works fine in windows also. In working directory you can set this $CMakeCurrentBuildDir$ enter image description here

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I am not sure about Windows but in linux you can do it using this answer.

You might be able to change the gnome-terminal to cmd if you are using windows but you will probably need to change the "Program Arguments" too.

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