Im trying to connect php file from folder : "localhost" to "localhost/folder" but it always says: "Object not found!"

<a href='file://localhost/folder/narudzba.html'></a>

What do i have to change??


Try this

<a href='/folder/narudzba.html'></a>

I am assuming that you are using a Localhost server. In that case you should use the protocol http instead of file. Therefore, your link should look like this:

<a href='http://localhost/folder/narudzba.html'></a>

Or like @paranoid said, like below if you would like to use relative paths, which is normally a better solution:

<a href='/folder/narudzba.html'></a>

Edit: As you are not using the default server port 80, try this solution:

<a href='http://localhost:82/folder/narudzba.html'></a>
  • None of this works it still says "Object not found!" maybe it has something to do with port. My port is 82 not 80 (so i always have to enter localhost:82/...)??? – silver Feb 14 '16 at 10:13

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