I'm trying to implement a custom authentication in an Azure Mobile App (not the old Mobile Service) with a Node.js backend, with actions I can't quite translate into Node. An earlier question states that custom authentication "just works" with a .NET backend. I am having trouble getting

I have copied Joy of code's example JWT generation (gist here). I invoke it like this (inlining the aud and userId):


My registration API returns the following JSON

{"user":{"userid":"MyAud:1455527189540927"},"token":"a lot of base64"}

Which I put into the Android MobileServiceClient with this code

JsonObject userob=ob.get("user").getAsJsonObject();
MobileServiceUser user=new MobileServiceUser(userob.get("userid").getAsString());

Which gives me the error message

com.microsoft.windowsazure.mobileservices.MobileServiceException: {"name":"JsonWebTokenError","message":"invalid signature"

The next time I invoke an API. How do I make my app accept the login token?

Edit: The server-side logs say

2016-02-15T11:42:35  PID[180] Warning     JWT validation failed: IDX10500: Signature validation failed. Unable to resolve SecurityKeyIdentifier: 'SecurityKeyIdentifier
IsReadOnly = False,
Count = 1,
Clause[0] = System.IdentityModel.Tokens.NamedKeySecurityKeyIdentifierClause
token: '{"alg":"HS256","typ":"JWT","kid":0}.{"exp":null,"iss":"urn:microsoft:windows-azure:zumo","ver":2,"aud":"MyAud","uid":"MyAud:1455534835642715"}
RawData: a lot of base64'..

I figured it out. I needed to have


in app.js (or rather, not have the same variable set to true).

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