I have two sessions in PHP:

$_SESSION["session"]["key"] = md5 ($token . $userAgent . $ip);
$_SESSION["session"]["timeout"] = time ();

Just want to check that sessions with nginx, tried this code without success:

location / {
    if ($request_filename ~* "index.php") {

    if ($http_cookie ~* "session") {

    rewrite ^.+$ https://localhost/index.php last;

Any clues ?



a cookie just holds the Session ID, an id is always created upon session_start(); so if your calling that within your script the user will always have a session id.

your best bet is too add a second cookie:

setcookie('session_key',md5 ($token . $userAgent . $ip));

then within nginx:

if ($http_cookie ~* "session_key")

to check if that cookie is set.

If the hash is sensitive then do this:


Then in Nginx:

if ($http_cookie ~* "session_key_active")

But this is still vulnerable , always check server side values match!

  • Thank you for helping me but I cant put the 'key' into a cookie, anyone can get that, security reasons. – Caio Aug 22 '10 at 17:33

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