Let's say I have a function f(vec) which takes as input a vector (array) of size 3. I have a matrix M of size 100 x 100 x 3. Is there a way I can somehow apply f to every cell of M, outputting a matrix N of size 100 x 100? For example, N(10,20) would equal

f( M(10,20,1), M(10,20,2), M(10,20,3) )

Obviously I could use a for loop, but I feel like this should be vectorizable.


Vectorization in this context means rewriting the function in a way that it accepts multiple inputs at once. Assuming that this is not possible, a for loop is the best possibility.


The easiest way to do this is arrayfun

arrayfun(@(x,y,z) f(x,y,z), M(10,20,1), M(10,20,2), M(10,20,3) , 'uni', 0)
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    Note that using arrayfun isn't vectorisation, it's basically equivalent to using a for loop. – David Feb 16 '16 at 3:56

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