How can I force the input's onchange script to run before the RangeValidator's script?

I want to prevent a failed validation when the user enters a dollar sign or comma.

function cleanUp(str) {
    re = /^\$|,/g;
    return str.replace(re, ""); // remove "$" and ","

<input type="text" id="salary" runat="server"
onchange="this.value=cleanUp(this.value)" />

<asp:RangeValidator ID="salaryValidator" 
    runat="server" ErrorMessage="Invalid Number"
    ControlToValidate="salary" Type="Double" />

I decided to use a CustomValidator that checks the range and uses a currency RegEx. Thanks Michael Kniskern.

function IsCurrency(sender, args) {
    var input = args.Value;

    // Check for currency formatting.
    // Expression is from http://regexlib.com/REDetails.aspx?regexp_id=70
    re = /^\$?([0-9]{1,3},([0-9]{3},)*[0-9]{3}|[0-9]+)(.[0-9][0-9])?$/;
    isCurrency = input.match(re);

    if (isCurrency) {
        // Convert the string to a number.
        var number = parseFloat(CleanUp(input));
        if (number != NaN) {
            // Check the range.
            var min = 0;
            var max = 1000000;
            if (min <= number && max >= number) {
                // Input is valid.
                args.IsValid = true;

    // Input is not valid if we reach this point.
    args.IsValid = false;

function CleanUp(number) {
    re = /^\$|,/g;
    return number.replace(re, ""); // remove "$" and ","

<input type="text" id="salary" runat="server" />

<asp:CustomValidator ID="saleryValidator" ControlToValidate="salary" runat="server" 
ErrorMessage="Invalid Number" ClientValidationFunction="IsCurrency" />

Have you tried using a CustomerValidator control and combined the functionality of the JS cleanup methods and the RangeValidator method.


I think I can improve on that. This makes commas and cents digits optional:


There is a way to do this by registering the script; however why not use a Regular Expression Validator to make sure the input is proper?

Also, the Range validator executes on the fields onBlur js event, not on change.

  • RangeValidator restricts the salary from 0 to 1,000,000 (but I left that out of the markup in my post). This could probably be done within Regex, but the code is more readable using a range validator for that. – Robert Claypool Dec 9 '08 at 22:18

Just noticed that you have a '.' for the decimal point, but that means the regex will accept any character in that spot. You should use \. for that decimal point.


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