I read data from a csv file and would like to assign the column values to variables. There might be the case that the file does not contain the desired field. I would then like to assign a default value. I would like something similar to this:

String country = nextLine[columnIndices.get("country")] || "Austria";

What is the most elegant way without a lot of ifs. (I am new to java from C#)

  • you can use a ternary operator – hasnae Feb 16 '16 at 15:55
  • Which part represents lack of value? Is it when columnIndices.get("country") returns something like -1, or nextLine[columnIndices.get("country")] will contain null? – Pshemo Feb 16 '16 at 15:58

Use a method:

private String valueOrDefault(String value, String defaultValue) {
    return value == null ? defaultValue : value; 


String country = valueOrDefault(nextLine[columnIndices.get("country")], "Austria");

You can do it like this:

String country = (nextLine[columnIndices.get("country")] != null) ? nextLine[columnIndices.get("country")] : "default";
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    The only drawback of this method is that the condition is evaluated twice, what may/maynot be wanted – Ferrybig Feb 16 '16 at 15:58
  • if it is necessary to also check for empty strings then StringUtils.isBlank(str) method of the apache commons library might be helpful: – Andree Wille Feb 16 '16 at 15:58

Since Java 8 you can also use

String s = Optional.ofNullable(fooStr).orElse("bar");
// may be null ----------------^^^^^^

Assuming the first option(s) cannot throw a NullPointerException, I would recommend Apache Commons' firstNonNull

It allows you to pass any amount of arguments and it will return the first not-null value.

String country = ObjectUtils.firstNonNull(nextLine[columnIndices.get("country")], "Austria");
// Add more arguments if needed

A simple if statement can solve it:

String country = nextLine[columnIndices.get("country")];
if (country == null)
    country = "Austria";

Assuming you are able to use Java 8, you can use Optional.

 Long value = findOptionalLong(ssn).orElse(0L);

This sets value to a number or 0 if not found.


Simpler and readable one:

String country = nextLine[columnIndices.get("country")];
country = (country != null) ? country : "Austria";

Or create a generic method

static <T> T nvl(T first, T ifFirstNull) {
    return (first != null ? first : ifFirstNull);

And you can use it for any Objects

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