I need to decode HTML characters in .NET Core (MVC6). It looks like .NET Core doesn't have WebUtility.HtmlDecode function which everybody used for that purpose before. Is there a replacement exist in .NET Core?


This is in the System.Net.WebUtility class:

// Summary:
//     Provides methods for encoding and decoding URLs when processing Web requests.
public static class WebUtility
    public static string HtmlDecode(string value);
    public static string HtmlEncode(string value);
    public static string UrlDecode(string encodedValue);
    public static byte[] UrlDecodeToBytes(byte[] encodedValue, int offset, int count);
    public static string UrlEncode(string value);
    public static byte[] UrlEncodeToBytes(byte[] value, int offset, int count);

This is in Net Core 2.0

using System.Text.Encodings.Web;

and call it:

$"Please confirm your account by <a href='{HtmlEncoder.Default.Encode(link)}'>clicking here</a>.");

UPDATE: Also in .Net Core 2.1:

using System.Web;


I've found the HtmlDecode function in the WebUtility library to work.


It isn't the answer, but it is my hint how to solve such kind of issues. It is helpful in case only if you are using ReSharper.

I had started to develop on .NET Core apps and met a lof of issues like I didn't know a name of packages where my usual classes are located. ReShareper has the great functionality to solve this:

enter image description here

Check out next article for more details - Finding, Exploring, and Installing NuGet Packages. This functionality saved a lot of my time.

EDIT: You don't need ReSharper now because Visual Studio 2017 has similar functionality - Visual Studio 2017 can automatically recommend NuGet packages for unknown types.


HtmlDecode and most of the *Decode methods were not ported to CoreFx. Only the *Encode methods are available.

Here's what's available today: https://github.com/dotnet/corefx/blob/1dfe38aeb2811fbbd6d4de36d210f060e80d50a6/src/System.Text.Encodings.Web/src/System/Text/Encodings/Web/HtmlEncoder.cs


You need add reference System.Net.WebUtility.

  • It's already included in .Net Core 2 (Microsoft.AspNetCore.All)

  • Or you can install from NuGet - preview version for .Net Core 1.

So example, your code will be look like the below

public static string HtmlDecode(this string value)
     value = System.Net.WebUtility.HtmlDecode(value);
     return value;
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    Or just call WebUtility.HtmlDecode there's no reason to wrap it in an extension method... – Jamie Rees Jun 12 '18 at 13:38

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