I'm trying to change the URL for my site, by going to settings in wp-admin and changing both site url and wp url.

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All seems well after I save changes, I'm able to navigate around my blog using the new url. However when I try accessing wp-admin I'm getting a redirect loop. I can still access the wp-admin login page with the old url admin site. In order to access my admin page again I have to login to my DB and reset both urls.

I've also tried to add this code with my urls to my wp-config file


Other information about my setup:

  1. Openshift is hosting wordpress with the quick start app and proper alias have been added to my app.
  2. Cloudflare is managing my DNS

I wouldn't think either of these factors would be the issue because the site wouldn't work at all if one of these were misconfigured, but at this point I'm drawing a blank. Was thinking maybe it might have something to do with wordpress forcing SSL for wp-admin?


Found It!

I love how when you gather all the information to ask a proper question it seems to line you up for the solution.

I'm also using http://wwwizer.com/naked-domain-redirect to redirect naked domain request to www using an A record in my DNS. All I had to do was turn off cloudflare's protection to this DNS entry.

enter image description here

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