I want to be able to parse Javascript source in a Delphi Application. I need to be able to identify variables and functions within the source for the purpose of making changes to the code through later code. I understand that I probably need to use a lexer for this purpose but have not had much luck using the lexer which I found (Dyaclexx).


Is there a suitable freeware or open source delphi parser/lexer which already has token sets for Javascript or could be easily modified for this purpose without too much trouble?

If there isn't such a tool already available then what would be the best way to learn about writing your own lexer for this purpose?



For the lexer you can see Synedit's source code for the Javascript highlighter. A highlighter in Synedit context is a lexer with special hooks to provide highlighting to the editor component. Trimming those hooks and getting a plain lexer is a trivial job.

Also Synedit editor can come handy while learning how to build lexers as it will be a help to visually test your lexers real-time. You can see the demos or ask at the mailing list for more.

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I think you should use should look at GoldParser (http://www.devincook.com/goldparser) for generating a complete JS parser in Delphi code. GoldParser is freeware though.

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  • Goldparser is nice but it is extremely slow. Even in speed optimized C++ code it takes 10 seconds to parse a 15000 lines of code. If you compare this with the speed of the PHP parser this is extremely slow. – Elmue Sep 26 '13 at 2:55

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