I have some problems with creating a proper .map file.
I compile by this way:

lessc --source-map=styles.map styles.less styles.css 

The problem is that the path to the sources files is a full local path. It looks like this (quote from the beginning of styles.map):

{"version":3,"sources":["C:/xampp/htdocs/Projects/TestSite/wp-content/themes/wordpress-bootstrap-master/bower_components/bootstrap/less/normalize.less" ...

After uploading to server, all the paths to source files are accepted in a wrong way.
If I replace all C:/xampp/htdocs/Projects/TestSite with an empty string, it becomes well.
What settings should I do to get a right .map file?
I tested --source-map-less-inline; it includes all of the Less files in to the sourcemap, so it goes well, but by this way the .map file becomes very big.



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