I want to create a list of all the files in a folder in perforce that were submitted past a certain date. I used the command line

p4 files -e [path to the folder in perforce] @[date] > [somefile.txt]

but this gave me every file in the depot, resulting in a 2gb txt file. Is the thing I want to do even possible with the 'p4 files' command?

I hope I've been clear enough. Thanks

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The command you want is:

p4 files PATH@DATE,@now

e.g. if the date is 2016/02/02 and the path is //depot/main:

p4 files //depot/main/...@2016/02/02,@now > somefile.txt
  • This worked! Thanks very much :D – Sophia Feb 17 '16 at 16:10

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