I'm using the google-api-ruby-client gem in rails.

In the examples I found an example to load GooglePlus data:

client = Google::Apis::PlusV1::PlusService.new
client.key = ENV['GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID']
client.authorization = authorization

I have already obtained both refresh_token and the auth_token with another method (using devise oauth).

How can I generate the authorization object, starting from the tokens I have?


You can create the authorization object by instantiate a new UserRefreshCredentials like this:

 authorization = Google::Auth::UserRefreshCredentials.new(
      client_id: GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID
      client_secret: GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET
      scope: GOOGLE_SCOPE,
      access_token: YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN,
      refresh_token: YOUR_REFRESH_TOKEN,
      expires_at: YOUR_EXPIRE_AT_TIMESTAMP,
      grant_type: 'authorization_code')

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