I know that Ruby's alias_method is method, but what about alias?

I checked on ruby-doc and when I search the alias_method, there are results like Class: Module (Ruby 2.x.x), but in alias, there is no result like Class: Module (Ruby 2.x.x).

I know the differences between them, in usage-level. I just want to know whetheralias is method or not


alias is a keyword in ruby, not a method.

  • It's trivial to see that it cannot possibly be a method, since it takes unevaluated expressions as arguments. Plus, even more obvious, it takes its arguments without commas separating them. The first one is already impossible in Ruby but the latter is really obvious: a method simply cannot change Ruby's syntax. – Jörg W Mittag Feb 18 '16 at 8:30

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