I am trying to install a local cluster on a VM. When I have Cloudera Manager open, sometimes the host health check shows as failed and the error message basically says "DNS resolution failed." Sometimes HDFS service shows as failed. I just would like some ideas on other avenues to troubleshoot. I'm fairly certain it's something simple with the hosts file or some thing with DNS. My OS is Ubuntu.

So far I have edited /etc/hosts to have the exact ipv4 address I got from running ifconfig  michael-VirtualBox

I deleted the entry localhost

I also restarted the networking service. I executed the command

"python -c "import socket; print socket.getfqdn(); print socket.gethostbyname(socket.getfqdn())""

I got back localhost


hadoop heavily relies on being able to perform a forward and reverse lookup of the hostname:

  • Resolve a hostname to an IP (forward lookup - DNS A record)
  • Resolve an IP to a hostname (reverse lookup - DNS PTR record)

For a local install I'd suggest using /etc/hosts because the entries in that file provides forward and reverse lookups for each entry. ALL the nodes in the cluster MUST be able to resolve the hostnames of ALL other servers in the cluster, therefore your /etc/hosts file on each server must contain all IP -> Hostname entries for every Vbox VM in your cluster.

The hostname that hadoop sees is the output of hostname --fqdn on the server. Therefore, your /etc/hosts file should include both the output of hostname and hostname --fqdn e.g.  localhost  server1 server1.example.com  server2 server2.example.com  server3 server3.example.com  server4 server4.example.com 

I am assuming you are using the host-only network configuration for each node and all nodes can reach each other.

If you are using cloudera, be sure to restart the cloudera-scm-agent after you make the change to /etc/hosts

  • Ok I will check this out! Thanks a lot – uh_big_mike_boi Feb 20 '16 at 19:50

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