I have installed xampp and deployed my php code in a docker image and started a container on ubuntu 14.04.

I cannot access my phpmyadmin by using my docker container system ip/phpmyadmin in host computer's firefox browser , but cannot take my web interface in browser. while try to access my web interface its shows as follows:

Access forbidden!

You don't have permission to access the requested object. bhla bhla....
Error 403

Note: I have already given required permissions to files in xampp/htdocs folder

  • What options are your using with docker run ? Could you show the full command please? – Auzias Feb 18 '16 at 10:44
  • sudo docker run -ti ubuntu – Vivek P Pillai Feb 18 '16 at 10:47

Running a new container with sudo docker run -ti ubuntu will not bind any port. The option -p needs to be used to bind host-port from container-port.

See a more detailed answer.

In your case, assuming your web server is running on port 80 in the container and assuming you cant to access it from you host web browser on the port 9090 start the container with the command:

docker run -it -p 9090:80 ubuntu

  • Not working. I can already access xampp dashboard and phpmyadmin. but cant access files in htdocs folder – Vivek P Pillai Feb 18 '16 at 11:14
  • What are the logs? Are you sure that the .htaccess configuration is read/not overwritten? Try without this .htaccess. – Auzias Feb 18 '16 at 12:11
  • there is no .htaccess file in my root folder – Vivek P Pillai Feb 18 '16 at 12:20
  • my codes are under a directory in htdocs folder, no file in that folder runnig. But try to call a test.php file that copied in htdocs its works – Vivek P Pillai Feb 19 '16 at 10:59

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