Requirement : My Tree panel items/elements should have numbering system

1. Master Pack
 1.1. Acceptance
      1.1.1. Client
      1.1.2. Mission
1.2. Planning
       1.2.1. Fieldwork 1
       1.2.2. Fieldwork 2
1.3. Completion
       1.3.1. End of Audit Memo
  • You could create a custom field using the convert method of Ext.data.field.Field to achieve this. – CG_FD Feb 18 '16 at 14:14

This answer might only server as a guide, you will have to tweak it to get to your desired requirement. So basically I am looping through the records and check if the node has any children or not: parent is basically your record.

Ext.each(parent, function(node) {
    if (node.children !== null && node.children.length !== 0) {
        // Number the current node         
        this.numberMyNodes(node.children);        //Call itself if to number the children.
    } else {
        //this node has no children

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