How do I execute a bash command from Ipython/Jupyter notebook passing the value of a python variable as an argument like in this example:

!grep py_var bar.txt

(obviously I want to grep for foo and not the literal string py_var)

  • Possible duplicate of How to pass command line arguments to ipython – Amrith Krishna Feb 19 '16 at 7:47
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    @AmrithKrishna: Not really. See the edit. – Unni Feb 20 '16 at 4:27
  • Followup: I want to use keyword arguments such as ffmpeg -i <inputfilename> ... but somehow the answer below doesn't work well with such a command. Do you know of an alternative solution? – Aalok Oct 1 '18 at 3:24
  • @Aalok: How about the edited answer? Can you please check now. If it doesn't work, then please post the entire command you are trying to run. – Unni May 6 at 4:45

Prefix your variable names with a $.


Say you want to copy a file file1 to a path stored in a python variable named dir_pth:

dir_path = "/home/foo/bar"
!cp file1 $dir_path

from Ipython or Jupyter notebook


Thanks to the suggestion from Catbuilts, if you want to concatenate multiple strings to form the path, use {..} instead of $..$. A general solution that works in both situations is to stick with {..}

dir_path = "/home/foo/bar"
!cp file1 {dir_path}

And if you want to concatinate another string sub_dir to your path, then:

!cp file1 {dir_path + sub_dir}
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    While !cp file1 $dir_path and !cp file1 {dir_path} have similar result, I found that using $ is a bit risky, because with {}, you can concatenate a path, something like !cp file1 {folder + dir_path}, whereas !cp file1 $folder + $dir_path deletes all your folder file. Be careful. – Catbuilts May 6 at 3:46

You cans use this syntax too:

path = "../_data/"
filename = "titanicdata.htm"
! less {path + filename}

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