Google guava has an implementation of the classic bloom filter. Creating one involves specifying number of insertions and false positive probability expected. I want to know whether the putAll function provided can be used to create a new filter allowing a larger number of insertions than that of the bloom filter argument passed to it while retaining same fpp.


No. It will not.

As per the javadoc the putAll function throws an exception when the filters are not compatible. Two bloom filter are compatible if they have the same number of hash functions; have the same bit size; have the same strategy and; have equal funnels.

The number of hash functions and bitsize are derived from the number of insertions and fpp rate. Creating a new bloom filter with the same fpp and a larger number of insertion will result in different bitsize and number of hash functions.

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    Throws IllegalArgumentException - if isCompatible(that) == false, must've overlooked that – shrewquest Feb 19 '16 at 12:25

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