When I try to debug any program, I get an error "Cannot open file: Blocks/Default/main.cpp" full debugger logs:

Active debugger config: GDB/CDB debugger:Default
Building to ensure sources are up-to-date
Selecting target: 
Adding source dir: /home/alex/Documents/Code::Blocks/Default/
Adding source dir: /home/alex/Documents/Code::Blocks/Default/
Adding file: /home/alex/Documents/Code::Blocks/Default/bin/Debug/Default
Changing directory to: /home/alex/Documents/Code::Blocks/Default/.
Set variable: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:
Starting debugger: /usr/bin/gdb -nx -fullname -quiet  -args /home/alex/Documents/Code::Blocks/Default/bin/Debug/Default
Registered new type: wxString
Registered new type: STL String
Registered new type: STL Vector
Setting breakpoints
Debugger name and version: GNU gdb (Debian 7.7.1+dfsg-5) 7.7.1
Cannot open file: Blocks/Default/main.cpp
At Blocks/Default/main.cpp:5
Debugger finished with status 0

I'm running Debian 8.3 jessie, Code::Blocks svn build rev 10637, gdb (Debian 7.7.1+dfsg-5) 7.7.1, terminal: "gnome-terminal -t $TITLE -x" I'm using default Code::Blocks settings. Source file is located in project's directory, compilation and running works fine...

I also get "warning: GDB: Failed to set controlling terminal: Operation not permitted" when I run the debugger, but I searched the web and it seems that this warning is normal and should be ignored...

  • I assume the problem is the :: in your path. I would try to close all instances of Code::Blocks and rename the folder Code::Blocks to CodeBlocks. PATH variables are usually separated by colons. This would also explain why the file path is Blocks/Default/main.cpp. – Simon Kraemer Feb 19 '16 at 14:49
  • @SimonKraemer Renaming the folder fixed the problem, thanks! – PersonaNonGrata Feb 19 '16 at 15:38

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