Is there a way to copy and paste RPG code. Like maybe make it into a text file so one can copy and paste? I'm wanting to ask for assistance on a program but am hoping not to have to rewrite the code during the process to do so.

Thank you in advance

Can you please tell us which tools are you using? If you can't copy / past the code I assume it's Client Access for terminal emulation and SEU / PDM for code editing.

In this case you can simply edit your keyboard settings and assign copy / paste / cut functionality for a combination of c / v / x + ctrl keys. Just go to Edit -> Preferences -> Keyboard menu in your terminal emulator and press customize button.

There are also some free tools, like RPG NextGen which can allow you to work on remote source file, almost like you were using IDE. You may also want to try built in tools for downloading / uploading the sources to IBM i (send file to host / receive file from host) but it's a bit complex and not really worth the effort.

When I need to move source code between my PC and an iSeries and I don't have RDi, I tend to use FTP.

This is from a windows command line:

Connected to
220-QTCP at
220 Connection will close if idle more than 500 minutes.
User ( myuser
331 Enter password.
230 MYUSER logged on.
ftp> ascii
200 Representation type is ASCII nonprint.
ftp> put C:\Users\myuser\MYPGM.txt MYLIB/QRPGLESRC.MYPGM
200 PORT subcommand request successful.
150 Sending file to member MYPGM in file QRPGLESRC in library MYLIB.
226 File transfer completed successfully.
ftp: 528 bytes sent in 0.22Seconds 2.38Kbytes/sec.
ftp> quit
221 QUIT subcommand received.

If you have trouble reading this mess, first type ftp where is the IP address or host name of the iSeries you're trying to connect to. It will prompt for your user name and password. After, type ascii and press enter. This will convert text to EBCDIC when uploading and ASCII when downloading. To upload something, type put C:\Users\myuser\MYPGM.txt MYLIB/QRPGLESRC.MYPGM where C:\Users\myuser\MYPGM.txt is the source code on your PC and MYLIB/QRPGLESRC.MYPGM is the library, source physical file and source member you want the code to go to. To download, use get instead of put like this: get MYLIB/QRPGLESRC.MYPGM C:\Users\myuser\MYPGM.txt. After you can type quit to exit the ftp session.

Be warned that this will replace any existing code in the given member or file. Also be sure that the library and source physical file exist on the iSeries before uploading or the system will create a regular file instead of a source physical file. The member doesn't have to exist.

If you are just learning RPG, you shouldn't be using SEU as it stopped being updated at v6.1 of the operating system. (As of 4/15/2016 we are at v7.3). There are a lot of things in RPG now that SEU just doesn't understand. Instead you should be using RDi. This is a GUI IDE that you can run on Windows or Linux, and it supports the entire RPG syntax. It also supports cut and paste control keys Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V that you are likely used to.

  • We have to use SEU. College course – rose Mar 2 '16 at 17:23
  • You could use MiWorkplace. It is inexpensive. – jmarkmurphy Mar 15 '17 at 11:40

I suppose you aren't so used to RPG programming ... this is a step by step guide to copy and past some rows of code from a source code to a text file on your PC:

1) You have to know where is your source code, and you may have some auth as a PGMR to view your source


3) Now you can copy and paste part of your code drawing a rectangular with your mouse and edit-copy and edit-paste on your PC

You can also copy source code to a txt file on IFS with this command CPYTOIMPF FROMFILE(YOURLIB/YOURFILESRC YOURMBR) TOSTMF('/yourifspath/yourmbr.txt') STMFCCSID(*PCASCII) RCDDLM(*CRLF) DTAFMT(*FIXED)

  • I'm sorta new to RPG programming and the book we are using for our college course doesnt give instructions for things like this. – rose Feb 21 '16 at 18:56

If you're in Mocha TN5250, in the command line type, "call qcmd", then right click and choose paste.

It also works in IBM i Access for Web, but I'm not sure about other software's.

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