i'm new with Ruby on Rails and i can't figure out how to use a layout for a controller.

Actually, i have got in my views "layout" directory with application.html.erb inside.

In this file, i have got all my template, inside this there is a div class. Inside i would like to call my "pages" controller.

My route.rb is

root 'pages#show', page: 'home'
get 'pages/:page' => 'pages/#show'

What i have when i go on my website is of course the default layout. Now i would like to call every page (ex pages/home.html.erb) inside the div in layouts/application.html.erb

How should i do it?


You need get into this guide Layouts and Rendering in Rails

And if I understand you right, you whant to do somethisng like

<div class='my_div'>
 <%= yeild %>
  • That guide will help a lot, I still use it all the time. Your pages templates should go into a app/views/pages, that's where rails looks and they should be named to match the controller action, show.html.erb for example. Also the yield needs to be erb-ized; <%= yield %>. – Patrick Feb 20 '16 at 4:32

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