I don't know what is the meaning of "|=" in php. Searching Google doesn't help. Please someone explain exactly what they do.

My Question is meaning of "|=" not "!=" ?

I have already search "Reference - What does this symbol mean in PHP?" but i did't get my answer.


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This is bitwise OR operator

$var1 |= $var2; is equal to $var1 = $var1 | $var2;

Its a bitwise OR assignment operator. See PHP menual enter image description here

$var1 |= $var2 //it means $var1 = $var1 or $var2
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    This answer is confusing "//it means $var1 = $var1 or $var2" in your comment the or has the same result as using || which is a logical OR operators. Whereas | is, as you said, a bitewise OR assignment operator. Ex : echo 11 | 12 returns 15 and echo 11 or 12 will returns true Commented Mar 21, 2019 at 22:34

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