can anybody explain the existence of (sub)classes mentioned in the subject ?


Rational::constants false
# [:compatible]

# NoMethodError: undefined method 'compatible' for Rational:Class

Rational::const_get 'compatible'
# NameError: wrong constant name compatible



I believe this class exists for Marshal backwards-compatibility with older versions of Ruby. In other words, it makes it so Marshal.load in one version of Ruby can load Complex and Rational objects that were marshaled in an older version of Ruby.

You can see where the Rational::compatible class is defined on the second line here (line 2,446 in rational.c):

rb_define_private_method(rb_cRational, "marshal_dump", nurat_marshal_dump, 0);
compat = rb_define_class_under(rb_cRational, "compatible", rb_cObject);
rb_define_private_method(compat, "marshal_load", nurat_marshal_load, 1);
rb_marshal_define_compat(rb_cRational, compat, nurat_dumper, nurat_loader);

My C is lousy, but to me it looks like these four lines do the following, respectively:

  1. Defines the Rational#marshal_dump private method as a pointer to the C function nurat_marshal_load.
  2. Defines the compatible class under the Rational class (rb_cRational). I think the third argument, rb_cObject is the superclass.
  3. Defines Rational#marshal_load as the C function nurat_marshal_dump.
  4. This is the interesting one: It calls rb_marshal_define_compat with four arguments: the Rational class (rb_cRational); the Rational::compatible class (compat) just defined; and nurat_dumper and nurat_loader.

Starting at line 1,629 in the same file you can see where nurat_dumper and nurat_loader (along with nurat_marshal_dump and nurat_marshal_load) are defined. Using the magic of git blame we can see exactly when nurat_dumper and nurat_loader were defined: July 25, 2012 in Subversion commit #36538. Here's the commit message:

complex.c, rational.c: compatible marshal loader

  • complex.c, rational.c: compatible marshal loader for compatibilities with 1.8. [ruby-core:45775] [Bug #6625]

Now we're getting somewhere! Bug #6625 is this one:

broken Marshal compatibilities on Complex and Rational

Complex and Rational dumped by 1.8 or earlier cannot be loaded by trunk.

It goes on to describe a test case and includes the patch seen in the above commit.

So what, perhaps you're wondering, is rb_marshal_define_compat? You can see it defined in marshal.c. Like I said, my C is lousy, but I think what it does is put its arguments—newclass (i.e. Rational), oldclass (Rational::compatible), dumper and loader—into a marshal_compat_t struct and inserts that into compat_allocator_tbl. Later on, when you try to Marshal.dump or Marshal.load an object it will look in that table to see if a compatibility class exists for it and use its "dumper" or "loader" if necessary.

As for why Rational::compatible isn't named with a capital letter and isn't accessible by normal means, I can only guess that this is by design so that it can only be accessed internally by Ruby.

You can, however, get a reference to the class using ObjectSpace, although you can't do much with it:

compatible = ObjectSpace.each_object(Class).find do |o|
  o.name == "Rational::compatible"

p compatible
# => Rational::compatible

p compatible.instance_methods(false)
# => []

p compatible.private_instance_methods(false)
# => [:marshal_load]
  • Wow, this answer is more comprehensive then I did expected and really answers the question. Thanks. Feb 21 '16 at 4:29

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