I try to use the package Laravel\Socialite in my system in Lumen (5.1)

I added this in the config\services.php file :

'facebook' => [
    'client_id'     => '##################',
    'client_secret' => '##################',
    'redirect'      => 'http://local.dev/admin/facebook/callback',

In bootstrap\app.php file :

class_alias(Laravel\Socialite\Facades\Socialite::class, 'Socialite');

Then I created a controller for the facebook authentication :


namespace App\Http\Controllers\Facebook;

use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
use Laravel\Socialite\Contracts\Factory as Socialite;

class FacebookController extends Controller
  public function redirectToProviderAdmin()
    return Socialite::driver('facebook')->scopes(['manage_pages', 'publish_actions'])->redirect();

  public function handleProviderCallbackAdmin()
    $user = Socialite::driver('facebook')->user();

And in the routes.php :

$app->get('/admin/facebook/login', 'App\Http\Controllers\Facebook\FacebookController@redirectToProviderAdmin');
$app->get('/admin/facebook/callback', 'App\Http\Controllers\Facebook\FacebookController@handleProviderCallbackAdmin');

I just followed the documentation, changing according to my needs. When I go to page http://local.dev/admin/facebook/login, I get the following error :

Non-static method Laravel\Socialite\Contracts\Factory::driver() cannot be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context

Indeed, according to the code, driver function must be instanciate.

EDIT : And if I try to instanciate this class, I get the following error :

Cannot instantiate interface Laravel\Socialite\Contracts\Factory

How do you make this module to work?

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here's how that works in my case

in services.php file

 'facebook' => [
    'client_id' => '***************',
    'client_secret' => '***************',
    'redirect' => ""

i left redirect empty cause my site is multilingual (so, it fills in a bit later with sessions). if you use only one language, put there your callback absolute path. for example


also check your config/app.php. in providers array


in aliases array

'Socialite' => Laravel\Socialite\Facades\Socialite::class,

my routes look like this

Route::get('facebook', 'Auth\AuthController@redirectToProvider');
Route::get('callback', 'Auth\AuthController@handleProviderCallback');

here's auth controllers methods. put in top

use Socialite;
 //იობანი როტ
 public function redirectToProvider(Request $request)
    return Socialite::with('facebook')->redirect();

 public function handleProviderCallback(Request $request)
    //here you hadle input user data
    $user = Socialite::with('facebook')->user();


my facebook app fb_settings

giga.com:8000 is my localhost (so its the same localhost:8000)



as you can see in Valid OAuth redirect URI, you should put there your callback. in my case i use three urls cause i have three languages. in your case it should be just


if you work on localhost, you should name your domain in config/services.php mine look like this

'domain' => "your-domain.com",

after everything run these commands

php artisan cache:clear
php artisan view:clear
composer dump-autoload

restart your server, clear your browser cookies. hope it helps

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