Im wondering if anyone would be able to help me as I have been scratching my head for two days on this.

I have done the compilation and when trying to link a source code on linux getting undefined reference

Compiling using,

g++ -g -I/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/include -I/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/include -I/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/idl -I/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/src/Server -I/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/idl -I/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/src/Server -I/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/imake -DNARROWPROTO -I . -I/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/include -W -Wall -Wpointer-arith -pipe -D_POSIX_THREADS -D_POSIX_THREAD_SAFE_FUNCTIONS -g -O -I/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/include -g -O -I/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/include -fvisibility=hidden -fvisibility-inlines-hidden -DACE_GCC_HAS_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATION_VISIBILITY_ATTRS=1 -W -Wall -Wpointer-arith -ggdb -pipe -Wall -g -D__linux__ -D__x86__ -rdynamic -D_REENTRANT -DTAO_HAS_INTERCEPTORS=0 -DTAO_HAS_VALUETYPE=1 -D_REENTRANT -DACE_HAS_AIO_CALLS -D_GNU_SOURCE -I/usr/local/ACE+TAO+CIAO-5.7.9/ACE_wrappers -I/usr/local/ACE+TAO+CIAO-5.7.9/ACE_wrappers/TAO -I/usr/local/ACE+TAO+CIAO-5.7.9/ACE_wrappers/TAO/orbsvcs -DACE_HAS_EXCEPTIONS -D__ACE_INLINE__ -c -o TestSeqWrapper.o TestSeqWrapper.cpp

Linking using,

g++ -o TestSeqWrapper TestSeqWrapper.o -g -L/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/lib -L/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib -g -O -Wl,-E -L/usr/local/ACE+TAO+CIAO-5.7.9/ACE_wrappers/lib -L/usr/local/ACE+TAO+CIAO-5.7.9/ACE_wrappers/lib -L/usr/local/ACE+TAO+CIAO-5.7.9/ACE_wrappers/TAO/tao -L/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/idl -lcorelibCORBA -lcorelibCORBA /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/corelibCORBA3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/CorbaController3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/EConcurrency3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/corelibLogger3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/LeakTracker3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/trace3r.lib -lDefineTimeZone /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/timestamp3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/ApplConfig3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/appl3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/logstream3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/disklog3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/timeout3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/getpnam3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/config3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/strl3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/string3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/command3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/cmdargs3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/CppUtils3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/BuildTag3r.lib /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib/exception3r.lib -lCorbaIdl -lTAO_Valuetype -lTAO_PortableServer -lTAO_IORTable -lTAO_AnyTypeCode -lTAO_CosEvent -lTAO_CosNaming -lTAO -lACE

TestSeqWrapper.o: In function `SeqWrapper':
/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/include/corelibCORBA/SeqWrapper.hpp:165: undefined reference to `ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T()'

Doing nm of the library I can see the above constructor is included,

nm --demangle ../installed_components/lib/libCorbaIdl.so | grep "ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T"
000327ba t ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T(ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T const&)
000331c2 t ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T(unsigned int)
0002edb0 t ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T(unsigned int, unsigned int, ECONZ::Corba::ComboElement_T*, bool)
0002d768 t ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T()
00032e52 t ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T(ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T const&)
0003172a t ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T(unsigned int)
0002d8e0 t ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T(unsigned int, unsigned int, ECONZ::Corba::ComboElement_T*, bool)
0002d8a6 t ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T()

Offending line on the source code (line 165), SeqWrapper() : var_( new SequenceType ), size_( 0 ) { }

Part of the code,

template< typename SEQUENCE >
class SeqWrapper : CppUtils::NonCopy
   typedef SEQUENCE SequenceType;
   typedef typename SequenceType::_var_type SequenceType_var;

   typedef typename ElementTypeOf<SequenceType_var>::ElementType ElementType;
   typedef typename ElementTypeOf<SequenceType_var>::ReturnType ReturnType;
   typedef typename ElementTypeOf<SequenceType_var>::ConstReturnType ConstReturnType;

   SequenceType_var var_;
   CORBA::ULong size_;

  void expand_( CORBA::ULong size )
     // NOTE: current implementation assumes size only increases by small increments
     if (size > var_->length()) {
        var_->length( (size < 16)? 16 : (size > 256? size+256 : 2*size-2) );

   SeqWrapper() : var_( new SequenceType ), size_( 0 ) { }
   SeqWrapper( CORBA::ULong reserve ) : var_( new SequenceType( reserve ) ), size_( 0 ) { var_->length( reserve ); }
   SeqWrapper( SequenceType *ownSeq ) : var_( ownSeq ), size_( ownSeq->length() ) { }


Source code of TestSeqWrapper.cpp (I have removed most of the unwanted stuff to make it less confusing)

#include <iostream>
#include <CppUtils/StringHelpers.hpp>
#include <corelibCORBA/SeqWrapper.hpp>
#include <CorbaC.h>

using namespace std;

int main()
    ECONZ::Corba::SeqWrapper< ECONZ::Corba::StringSeq_T > seq;

And you can see that I have specified the shared library in the link options (shown in bold). I initially thought it might be due a dependency of some sort and moved the library flag to the beginning to no affect.

I appreciate it.

  • can you give the details of the line at SeqWrapper.hpp:165? – Chubsdad Aug 24 '10 at 7:07
  • 1
    Your path setup isn't proper. Check out your LIBPATH and INCLUDEPATH in your Makefile. Check out if the libraries installed path is proper and points out to the required directories. – DumbCoder Aug 24 '10 at 7:15
  • I have just pasted the line number and part of the code – nixgadget Aug 24 '10 at 7:16
  • I have included the lib path with the following and CorbaIdl library is in "/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib" -L/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/lib -L/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib – nixgadget Aug 24 '10 at 7:17
  • 1
    Try moving -lCorbaIdl at the end of the list. Remove also -g flag, I don't think you need this for linking. – Dmitry Yudakov Aug 24 '10 at 7:47

Since you say

nm --demangle ../installed_components/lib/libCorbaIdl.so
> 0002d768 t ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T()

This means that ComboElementSeq_T() is in the lib -lCorbaIdl
If the reference is not being found, then it is being used by one of the libraries specified after this library:

> -lCorbaIdl -lTAO_Valuetype -lTAO_PortableServer -lTAO_IORTable
> -lTAO_AnyTypeCode -lTAO_CosEvent -lTAO_CosNaming -lTAO -lACE

Thus one of the follwoing contains : TestSeqWrapper.o: In functionSeqWrapper'`

  • -lTAO_Valuetype
  • -lTAO_PortableServer
  • -lTAO_IORTable
  • -lTAO_AnyTypeCode
  • -lTAO_CosEvent
  • -lTAO_CosNaming
  • -lTAO
  • -lACE

See: GCC C++ Linker errors: Undefined reference to 'vtable for XXX', Undefined reference to 'ClassName::ClassName()'

If you build all the libs as shared libraries then this problem goes away.

  • I check all these libraries just to be sure. And none of them contain "ComboElementSeq_T" .... except for libCorbaIdl.so. – nixgadget Aug 24 '10 at 12:12
  • Even a simple link line such as this fails with the same error g++ -L/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib -lCorbaIdl -o TestSeqWrapper TestSeqWrapper.o – nixgadget Aug 24 '10 at 12:13
  • @kuzyt: You misunderstand. I am saying one of the other libraies is trying to use the symbol. The fact that it is defined only in -lCorbaIdl is what I expect. PS your second comment contains a different error message indicating you are missing a lib. – Martin York Aug 24 '10 at 12:19
  • Second linkage i did spits out the exact error message. It may be true that its pointing to a missing library but the fact that this is same error message as before kind of tells me this doesnt depend on other libraries isnt ? and the other libraries im linking are off the shelf ones from ACE/TAO. And "ComboElementSeq_T" within ECONZ::Corba is a custom written one. – nixgadget Aug 24 '10 at 12:26
  • @kuzyt: -llibrary should be after the object files. see OPTIONS general description in man ld – Dmitry Yudakov Aug 24 '10 at 12:37


After 10 cups of coffee and few almost sleepless nights I managed to get to the bottom of the problem. Hopefully this helps someone and someone will be able shed some light into me about avoiding such things. So here goes.

I ran the following once again with the -D option this time and it showed a completely different output and one that I was kind of expecting. It resulted in nothing and "ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T" was not found.

nm -DC ../installed_components/lib/libCorbaIdl.so | grep "ECONZ::Corba::ComboElementSeq_T::ComboElementSeq_T"

Then it sort of led me to believe a compilation problem with the lib. So I looked closely into the compiler flags and found these two "-fvisibility=hidden -fvisibility-inlines-hidden". This was coming from ACE/TAO and it was a new attribute they have added since GCC 4. This was causing the dynamic symbols to be hidden. So my question for anyone who is aware of this is what I should have done to link the library ?

For further reading please read http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/Visibility


typo in your link line?


should be

  • libCorbaIdl is within /u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib – nixgadget Aug 24 '10 at 12:18
  • So that linker path is not a typo? You might want to edit your question and clarify. – Sam Miller Aug 24 '10 at 12:23
  • "-L/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/lib -L/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/installed_components/lib" should be the path it searches for. "-L/u01/kasunt/workspace/corelibCORBA/idl" wasnt really a typo but rather an empty dir. I removed it for clarity. Thanx – nixgadget Aug 24 '10 at 12:31

I dont know if this makes sense to anyone but seems that using library as a static instead of shared works perfectly. So I attached


and it worked perfectly. Anyone able to explain this ?????

  • could it possibly be a mangling problem on the shared library although i dont have any extern code anywhere – nixgadget Aug 25 '10 at 0:21

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