I have a big red button and I'm trying to use javascript to perform the following: -

  1. OnMouseDown change image so the button looks depressed
  2. OnMouseUp return to the initial image AND reveal a hidden div

I can get the onMouse Down and onMouseUp image changes part to work.

I can also get the hidden div to reveal by using OnClick

The problem is I can't get it all to work together.

How do I do this?

BTW, I'm sure its obvious, but I'm fairly new to javascript, so I appreciate your help

  • Thanks! You guys are legends - used a bit of each of the answers and it's working a treat now...cant explain how happy I am...thanks SO :)!
    – bobanderson
    Dec 10, 2008 at 12:11

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You can use semicolons to separate multiple script statements in an event:

<img src="..." alt="..."
  onmouseup="undepressed(); revealDiv();" />

Also, I believe most browsers support the onclick event:

<img src="..." alt="..."
  onclick="revealDiv();" />

Since you said you had already figured out each of the 3 parts separately, I just wrote function calls that you can replace with your own code for each step.

  • Those are semicolons (;) not colons (:)
    – Gareth
    Dec 10, 2008 at 10:25
  • It's always best to markup from events...so the best way to attach events is to attach them from a script Dec 11, 2008 at 19:26

Without seeing your code, it's hard to say, but I suspect a missing 'return true;' statement at the end of either the onclick or onmouseup event handlers.


It's never recommended to attach events to elements using the attribute notation directly to an html element's tag.

It is a much better practice to seperate the view (being the rendered html) from the controller (the actions happening)

The best way to attach an event is like such:

<img id="abut" />

var thebutton = document.getElementById('abut'); //Retrieve the button from the page 
thebutton.onmousedown = depressed; //depressed is a function that you declare earlier on...here, you are just passing a reference to it
thebutton.onmouseup = function () {
    revealDiv(); //Invoke the two functions when the 'onmouseup' is triggered'

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