This question is similar to Check that list of tuples has tuple with 1st element as defined string but no one has properly answered the "wildcard" question.

Say I have [('A', 2), ('A', 1), ('B', 0.2)]

And I want to identify the tuples where the FIRST element is A. How do I return just the following?

[('A', 2), ('A', 1)]

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Using a list comprehension:

>>> l = [('A', 2), ('A', 1), ('B', 0.2)]
>>> print([el for el in l if el[0] == 'A'])
[('A', 2), ('A', 1)]

You could use Python's filter function for this as follows:

l = [('A', 2), ('A', 1), ('B', 0.2)]
print filter(lambda x: x[0] == 'A', l)


[('A', 2), ('A', 1)]
  • Great use of filter and the lambda function. Thank you! And thank you for adding the link to the other question! I will do that in the future...(rookie mistake).
    – amc
    Feb 22, 2016 at 17:44

Simple enough list comprehension:

>>> L = [('A', 2), ('A', 1), ('B', 0.2)]
>>> [(x,y) for (x,y) in L if x == 'A']
[('A', 2), ('A', 1)]

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