What is the difference between these two:


article .description

The first one does not have space between class and element. But the second one has

  1. Element which one is article and has description class
  2. Element with description class who is child of article element


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article.description should select only "article" elements that have a class of "description"

article .description should select all children of "article" elements that have a class of "description"

article.description: This finds all article elements that have a class of description.

article .description: This finds all elements with class description that are descendants of the article tag.

The first one is a simple class selector


The second one is referred to as the descendant selector. Here is information from MDN


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article .description: Means that those CSS settings are applied to any HTML element with the class .description that is inside an article.

article.description: Means that those CSS settings are applied to article elements that has .description class.

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