Before you say it, yes I have looked at all the other links related to this issue, but none of them seem to apply to my situation.

I am relatively new to Ionic, and am seeking some help.

I have a controller,

.controller('VideoCtrl', function($scope, $cordovaCapture, VideoService) {

$scope.clip = '';

$scope.captureVideo = function() {
    $cordovaCapture.captureVideo().then(function(videoData) {
        VideoService.saveVideo(videoData).success(function(data) {
            $scope.clip = data;
        }).error(function(data) {
            console.log('ERROR: ' + data);

and a call to it,

<div class="button-bar">
    <button class="button button-positive" ng-click="captureVideo()">
        Capture a video

That is supposed to update an image,

$scope.urlForClipThumb = function(clipUrl) {
    var name = clipUrl.substr(clipUrl.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);
    var trueOrigin = cordova.file.dataDirectory + name;
    var sliced = trueOrigin.slice(0, -4);
    return sliced + '.png';

That gets applied here on screen...

    <img ng-src="{{urlForClipThumb(clip) || '//:0'}}" ng-click="showClip(clip)" style="height: 250px; width: 150px;"/>

But, the image never updates, and the $scope.$apply(); always returns a digest in progress error?

Let me know if you need more information! (I've tried safe applies and timeouts and they wont do anything either...)

  • Why are you calling $scope.$apply(). You're not modifying scope from outside the digest loop. You're using angular event handlers. From what you showed, you don't need to call it. – Strelok Feb 23 '16 at 13:51
  • So does urlForClipThumb() return proper values? – charlietfl Feb 23 '16 at 14:00
  • i think you have to remove $scope.$apply() – Gautam Patadiya Feb 23 '16 at 14:12
  • Thanks LPK lol? If I don't call $scope.$apply(), the image does not update, I dont know why all of a sudden, it has decided to start throwing this $digest error, it makes no sense. So, now with it or without it, the image does not update. urlForClipThumb() returns the proper location of the thumbnail. Not using $q. I guess, how do i update the {{urlForClipThumb(clip)}} so I can see my thumbnail... The image was appearing when I first created the project. – Ignacious Feb 24 '16 at 1:47

If VideoService.saveVideo is using $q then it will call digest, so no need for $apply any more. You can check if digest is in progress and apply conditionally:

if(!$scope.$$phase) {
  • its not..... saveVideo: function(data) { starter(data[0].localURL); return promise; } – Ignacious Feb 24 '16 at 1:50
  • @Ignacious check updated answer – karaxuna Feb 24 '16 at 7:33
  • Yea none of these solutions work... Even when i link directly to the photo the ng-src does not update the view to the image – Ignacious Mar 1 '16 at 22:25

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