I am using DocFx to automatically generate documentation in Visual Studio 2015.

Per the Getting Started instructions, I added an empty ASP.NET 4 Web Application and used the Nuget Console to install the DocFx build package (e.g. Install-Package docfx.msbuild). I built the site and it it generated documentation for code within the project.

I was wondering how to configure docfx.json to get DocFx to document code in other projects within the solution.

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In docfx.json, there is an array of metadata. The example metadata has a src object with files and exclude properties.

To point to another project in your solution, add a cwd property to metadata and change folders (i.e. "../Another.Project").

{ "metadata": [ { "src": [ { "files": [ "**/*.csproj" ], "exclude": [ "**/bin/**", "**/obj/**", "_site/**" ], "cwd": "../Another.Project" } ], "dest": "obj/api" } ], "build": ... }

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    I just referenced my solution file, and it found all the projets included. easy Oct 27, 2017 at 8:36
  • It's worth noting that the cwd property has been deprecated since this was written, and should now be replaced with src. (Yes, src: [ { src: "../" } ]; it's a bit confusing.) Jan 6 at 2:37

This worked for me.

directory structure

|   \---ClassLibrary.csproj

docfx.json contents cwd and src are synonyms for the same property

          "files": [ "**/ClassLibrary.csproj" ],
          "src": "..",
          "exclude": [ "**/obj/**", "**/bin/**" ]
      "dest": "obj/api"
  "build": { ... }

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