I want to update the status value in the properties table as (1 or 2 or 3 or 4) when I click on each button.

These are my buttons in my view file:

<td><%= link_to("Waiting for Response", rms_property_approve_property_path(property, {:status => 'Waiting for Response'}), method: :patch, class: "btn btn-success", "data-no-turbolink" => true) %><td>
<td><%= link_to("No Response", rms_property_approve_property_path(property, {:status => 'No Response'}), method: :patch, class: "btn btn-danger", "data-no-turbolink" => true) %><td>
<td><%= link_to("Registered", rms_property_approve_property_path(property, {:status => 'Registered'}), method: :patch, class: "btn btn-success", "data-no-turbolink" => true) %><td>
<td><%= link_to("Not Interested", rms_property_approve_property_path(property, {:status => 'Not Interested'}), method: :patch, class: "btn btn-danger", "data-no-turbolink" => true) %><td>

My properties_controller.rb:

  def approve
    @property = Property.find(params[:property_id])
    if params[:status]== 'Registered'
       @property.update_attributes(:status => 1)
       redirect_to :back, flash: {notice: "Property has been Registered."}
    elsif params[:status]== 'Not Interested'
       @property.update_attributes(:status => 2)
       redirect_to :back, flash: {notice: "Not Interested."}
    elsif params[:status]== 'Waiting for Response'
       @property.update_attributes(:status => 3)
       redirect_to :back, flash: {notice: "Waiting for Response"}
    elsif params[:status]== 'No Response'
       @property.update_attributes(:status => 4)
       redirect_to :back, flash: {notice: "No Response."}

My migration file for status column in properties table:

class AddColumnStatusInProperties < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
     add_column :properties, :status, :string

When I click on the No response button, I get an ArgumentError:

'4' is not a valid status

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Judging by the error message, it seems that you are using an enum on the status column. You can't use raw values (the integer part of the enum value) with enums unless you skip object instantiation (using update_all, or update_columns, for example).

If you instantiate the object, you must use the enum value (value is :registered, while raw value is 1).

In approve, you need to update the object as such:

# `:registered` should be the enum value, not the number
@property.update_attributes(status: :registered)

And not

@property.update_attributes(status: 4)

This assumes you have declared your enum as such:

class Property < ActiveRecord::Base
  enum status: {
    registered: 1,
    not_interested: 2,
    waiting_for_response: 3, # consider renaming to `awaiting_response`
    registered: 4

You should change the column type in the migration to integer. Using string can lead to strange bugs.

rails g migration change_status_column_type_in_properties

class ChangeStatusColumnTypeInProperties < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
     change_column :properties, :status, :integer

You can also automate the link generation in your view:

<% Property.statuses.each_key do |name| %>
  <%= link_to name, rms_property_approve_property_path(property, {status: name}), method: :patch, class: "btn btn-danger", "data-no-turbolink" => true) %>
<% end %>

And simplify the controller code:

def approve
  @property = Property.find(params[:property_id])
  @property.update!(status: params[:status])
  redirect_to :back, notice: t(".#{params[:status]}")

And add the flash messages to your locale file. For example:

        registered: "Property registered"
        waiting_for_response: "..."

Finally, consider using a default value to your column.

change_column :properties, :status, :integer, null: false, default: 3
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    it is working fine. thanks for correcting my mistake, also thanks for such a detailed answer . thanks a lot @Mohamad
    – SreRoR
    Feb 24, 2016 at 7:58

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