I want to convert a string which contains Turkish characters to lowercase with Turkish characters mapped into English equivalents i.e. "İĞŞÇ" -> "igsc".

When I use toLowerCase(new Locale("en", "US")) function it converts for example İ to i but with dotted.

How can I solve this problem? (I'm using Java 7)

Thank you.


You may

1) First, remove the accents :

the following comes from this topic :

Is there a way to get rid of accents and convert a whole string to regular letters? :

Use java.text.Normalizer to handle this for you.

string = Normalizer.normalize(string, Normalizer.Form.NFD);

This will separate all of the accent marks from the characters. Then, you just need to compare each character against being a letter and throw out the ones that aren't.

string = string.replaceAll("[^\\p{ASCII}]", "");

If your text is in unicode, you should use this instead:

string = string.replaceAll("\\p{M}", "");

For unicode, \P{M} matches the base glyph and \p{M} (lowercase) matches each accent.

2) Then, just put the remaining String to lower case

string = string.toLowerCase();
String testString = "İĞŞÇ";
Locale trlocale = new Locale("tr-TR");
testString = testString .toLowerCase(trlocale);

Works like a charm :)

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