I am having a big problem with capitalization of common nouns. I am reviewing for the IELTS exam and I'm hoping to get impressive results for better employment opportunities. So here's where I'm having trouble with. Should I or should I not capitalize the word/s in bold fonts?

  1. I work as a receptionist.
  2. The receptionist at the hotel is very pretty.
  3. There is an opening for receptionist at the hotel.
  4. You can find many books at the library.
  5. I worked as veterinary assistant for two years in the clinic.
    1. There is a position for office assistant at the English Language Center.

Hopefully I can get my mind cleared with this. I will wait for any responses and would really appreciate it.


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Job titles such as "receptionist", "veterinary assistant" or "office assistant" are not capitalised unless they precede a person's name and thus form part of the proper noun phrase. e.g. Marketing Assistant Jenny Chan is correct but after the name it would be Jenny Chan, marketing assistant for ABC Group.

See here

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