I have two medium-sized web applications that I'm merging into one. They are both localized with GetText and have large amout of common strings, so merging them manually would be extremely annoying. What is the fastest way to merge the two PO files?


msgcat is meant for just this thing: it concatenates and merges PO files. msgmerge is for merging PO files with an updated POT file.


I'm sure msgmerge can be coerced into doing just that. (I mean, concat your two .po files, and let it sort things out.)

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    msgmerge seemed like it attempted to merge the files, but it missed cca 40% of the messages (they were missing in the result) even with the fuzzy option on. But I did as you sat - concatenated the two files and applied msquniq on the. Worked like a charm, thanks :) Dec 10 '08 at 13:49
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    As @seanf pointed out, msgcat is the right tool for this, not msgmerge.
    – phunehehe
    Dec 12 '12 at 6:49

"WinMerge" can be very helpful

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