I would like to override toString method for each enum value. For example, I know in Java it can be done as below:

public enum Language_Culture_Names{

  English {
    public String toString() {
      return "en-GB";
  Spanish {
    public String toString() {
      return "es-ES";
  Catalan {
    public String toString() {
      return "ca-ES";


  System.out.println(Language_Culture_Names.English); -> returns en-GB
  System.out.println(Language_Culture_Names.Spanish); -> returns es-ES
  System.out.println(Language_Culture_Names.Catalan); -> returns ca-ES

So how to do this in VB.NET?

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Ideally you should use a Class customized for yourself, since Enums are numeric constants and not string constants.

However, if you must use Enum and are looking for a generic solution, this is how I would do it:

First, add a Module to your project, with the following code:

Imports System.ComponentModel
Imports System.Runtime.CompilerServices

Module Module1
    <Extension()> _
    Public Function ToString2(ByVal EnumConstant As [Enum]) As String
        Dim fi As Reflection.FieldInfo = EnumConstant.GetType().GetField(EnumConstant.ToString())
        Dim aattr() As DescriptionAttribute = DirectCast(fi.GetCustomAttributes(GetType(DescriptionAttribute), False), DescriptionAttribute())
        If aattr.Length > 0 Then
            Return aattr(0).Description
            Return EnumConstant.ToString()
        End If
    End Function

End Module

We name our function ToString2 because Enum.ToString already exists, and can't be overridden. You can name it anything else.

Now in your class where the Enum is declared, decorate the Enum Members with Description attribute:

Imports System.ComponentModel  '<-- be sure to include this Namespace

Public Enum Language_Culture_Names
    <Description("en-GB")> English = 1
    <Description("es-ES")> Spanish = 2
    <Description("ca-ES")> Catalan = 3
End Enum

And finally dump the Enum.ToString method and use our new Enum.ToString2 method instead.


TextBox1.Text = Language_Culture_Names.English.ToString2()



Finally I have used type-safe-enum Pattern as below:

Public NotInheritable Class LanguageCultureNames

    Private ReadOnly name As String
    Private ReadOnly value As Integer

    Public Shared ReadOnly English As New LanguageCultureNames(0, "en-GB")
    Public Shared ReadOnly Spanish As New LanguageCultureNames(1, "es-ES")
    Public Shared ReadOnly Catalan As New LanguageCultureNames(2, "ca-ES")

    Private Sub New(ByVal value As Integer, ByVal name As String)
        Me.name = name
        Me.value = value
    End Sub

    Public Overrides Function ToString() As String
        Return name
    End Function

End Class

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