I am trying to append a value to my model, but it isn't getting added. Am I doing something incorrectly?

Here is what I am defining:

protected $appends = ['hash'];

public function getHashAttribute(){
    return 'test';

public function scopeGetDeveloperGames($query, $userid){
    return $query
        ->join('game_info', 'games.game_id', '=', 'game_info.game_id')
        ->where('games.user_id', $userid)
        ->orderBy('games.created_at', 'desc')->limit(9);

When I do a dump, It doesn't show up in the results here is the call to the model:

$items = GamesModel::select('title', 'games.user_id', 'games.game_id', 'games.created_at', 'icon_large', 'icon_medium', 'icon_small', 'short_description')

From the docs

Once the attribute has been added to the appends list, it will be included in both the model's array and JSON forms. Attributes in the appends array will also respect the visible and hidden settings configured on the model.

If you use toArray() or toJson():

$items = GamesModel::select('title', 'games.user_id', 'games.game_id', 'games.created_at', 'icon_large', 'icon_medium', 'icon_small', 'short_description')

It will be visible.

  • Okay, I must have missed that I needed to call toArray() but that seems to fix it! – Get Off My Lawn Feb 24 '16 at 18:25

This is for future in case someone else comes to this page with a similar (not exact) issue via google: I had similar issues, turns out I was not using Eloquent correctly, I had appends in my model - EventyTypes but I was getting data using $eventTypes = DB::table('event_types')->get(); which was incorrect. I then modified it to $eventTypes = EventTypes::get(); and it worked. This makes sense since the appends is in Model you should get data from model and not using DB.


Another slightly different but similar issue I ran into around this was using the with() method.

I had Event::with(['event_types:id,name,url']) where url was defined by getUrlAttribute() in the EventType model. But this wasn't working because my syntax event_types:id,name,url attempts to load specific columns which isn't compatible.

To fix the issue I removed this syntax and just did Event::with(['event_types']) which loaded everything as expected.

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