I have Intellij 15 and a Github account, and I'm trying to unite the two. I went into settings -> Version Control, and added Github with the Host and username and password. When I click "Test" - it works.

I also have installed the GitHub executable, and added it to the settings as well, and that test was successful as well.

Then I go to my project, select VCS from the top menu, then go to "Checkout from Version Control" ---> "GitHub". It gives me a "Clone Repository Dialog".

This is when things get interesting. In that dialog, it shows "Git Repository URL" as "-------------------------------" - yes, a whole bunch of dashes, and the error at the bottom is "Repository URL is a malformed URL or non-existent directory"... Now - I have not found any settings where I can specify it outside of this dialog box, so I don't know where it's taking the URL from...

Initial error on dialog popup

I enter the correct URL, parent directory, and Directory Name... Then I click on "Test". And it gives me "Repository test has failed". Actually, it gives me that same error regardless of what's in the "Git Repository URL" from that point on - even when I put a bunch of gibberish - it still gives the Test Has failed error.

The error message I get after all subsequent test attempts, regardless of what is actually in the Git Repository URL field

I have also tried going to "Checkout from Version Control" ---> "Git" - with same results.

I have looked online at different forums and tutorials, and nothing seems to help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!

Setup pics - tests successful in the setup: Git Setup (exe location)

GitHub setup (host, uname/pass)

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try to change SSH executable from Build-in to Native.

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    Thank you. This was the issue in my case. – shamanSK Nov 4 '16 at 12:23
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    Thanks for saving my time :-) – allsoft Dec 8 '16 at 0:58

in my case, after I un-check "clone git repositories using SSH" checkbox from settings/Version Control/github; it works on clone task.



Repository test has failed

follow my answer in the git test error in Intellij


enter image description here

Setting->Version Control->GitHub check"Clone git repositories using ssh"

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Removing my other id from keychain fixed it for me. So make sure you have just one git id there


I was having this issue until I set the SSH-executable option to use Built-in SSH (just like you have). This immediately solved my problem and I wasn't getting the error anymore.

Further options I am using include:

  • I have opted to use token authentication rather than a password
  • I am using the Windows Setup for git rather than a portable setup enter image description here
  • And the path to git is set as C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe

Apart from these 3 options, my settings look exactly like yours. I am running windows 10 64bit and my version of IntelliJ is 2016.1.1


I was also having the same issues with IntelliJ and I tried following:

To Solve this problem, Browse to Git location through a web browser:

Click on Clone button i.e. 2nd menu button on left

Now click the fully qualified link mentioned in the HTTP text box as below:

Fully qualified link

Now copy the above copied link to Clone Repository window in IntelliJ and try again. Test connection and It should be successful


Try this in cmd

git config --global http.sslVerify false

If nothing works after

 Checking Accept non trusted certificates

UnChecking "clone git repositories using SSH" checkbox

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