hi i am working on a project of my college but my college server admin told me that we don’t use short_open_tag in our code what’s its mean? what is short open tag and what is alternate of it


  • You didn't ask but the main reason to avoid using short open tags is that your code will be more portable (because it may have to be run on a server that doesn't allow short tags) and it makes writing XML documents easier (short open tags would require a call to echo, i.e., echo "<?xml").
    – webbiedave
    Aug 24, 2010 at 23:06

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Normally you write PHP like so: <?php PHP CODE HERE ?>. However if allow_short_tags directive is enabled you're able to use: <? PHP CODE HERE ?>. Also sort tags provides extra syntax: <?= $var ?> which is equal to <?php echo $var ?>.

Short tags might seem cool but they're not. They causes only more problems. Oh... and IIRC they'll be removed from PHP6.


You can try the tool at:


This is a PHP command line tool that converts short tags to normal PHP tags.

The page is not English but you can click the link in the post and download the tool.

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