I'm beggining with Hibernate Envers. I'm already able to properly annotate classes with @Audited and create revisions, but I'm unable to record logged user data with my revisions.

My JSF 2.0 test application is running on CDI, JPA/Hibernate in a jbossEAP6 / wildfly server. I'm neither using Spring or Seam.

Here is some code:


public class RevisionEntity {
    private int id;

    private long timestamp;

    private String username;


public class LoginBean implements Serializable{

private String username;


import javax.ejb.Stateful;
import javax.enterprise.context.SessionScoped;
import javax.inject.Inject;
import javax.inject.Named;

import org.hibernate.envers.RevisionListener;

import br.test.login.filterlogin.beans.LoginBean;

    public class AuditListener implements RevisionListener {

        private LoginBean loginBean;

        public void newRevision(Object revisionEntity) {

            RevisionEntityEx RevEntity = (RevisionEntityEx) revisionEntity;


The loginBean injection fails, giving me a NullPointerException. Any ideas?

Sorry about my terrible grammar.

Regards, Marcelo.

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The listener is not managed by the container so your loginBean will not be injected.

We need to lookup for it...

Notice that UsuarioService should be changed to your type: LoginBean.

import javax.enterprise.context.spi.CreationalContext;
import javax.enterprise.inject.spi.Bean;
import javax.enterprise.inject.spi.BeanManager;
import javax.enterprise.inject.spi.CDI;

BeanManager beanManager = CDI.current().getBeanManager();
Bean<UsuarioService> bean = (Bean<UsuarioService>) beanManager.getBeans(UsuarioService.class).iterator().next();
CreationalContext<UsuarioService> context = beanManager.createCreationalContext(bean);
this.usuarioService = (UsuarioService) beanManager.getReference(bean, UsuarioService.class, context);

You didn't give any stacktrace, so I'm guessing. AFAIK you cannot combine together both


Because the first annotation is for making a class an EJB stateful session bean, but the second one is for making class a CDI managed bean, with scope Session.

It seems to me that you are trying to use technologies you don't understand at all. Please read a specification or at least some CDI tutorials/ sample GitHub projects.

Personal advice: most of the time you should prefer to use @Stateless over @Stateful for EJB beans. Then all data related to HTTP session you can store e.g. in some additional @SessionScoped CDI bean.


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