I am trying to simply enter the character "i" into SageMathCloud so that I can construct imaginary numbers, this is my syntax:

ran40 = matrix(QQ,2,2,[[2*i,-2],[3,4]])

I am constructing a matrix so that I can compute the reduced-row echelon form. The first element that is 2*i just needs to be 2i but I keeping getting syntax errors, how do I enter i for an imaginary number into SageMathCloud? I cannot find an example anywhere on the internet, if anyone knows this syntax please do inform me.


Your problem is that you decided what the ring is, and that ring doesn't have any imaginaries.


QQ is the rationals (the fraction field of ZZ, if you like).

Is this what you want? It will make things in the "symbolic ring" which can be slow...

M = matrix(2,2,[[2*i,-2],[3,4]])

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