compojure-api allows you to define the return schema:

(s/defschema Pizza
  {:name s/Str})

(GET "/pizza/:id" [id]
  :return Pizza
  :summary "returns a Pizza"
  (ok (get-pizza id)))

My issue is when the get-pizza fn returns a 404 {:status 404 :body {:message "Invalid id provided"}} the response (to the requester) is that that 404 does not match the Pizza schema:

  "errors": {
    "name": "missing-required-key",
    "status": "disallowed-key",
    "body": "disallowed-key"

The docs show that you can provide multiple response schemas but I am unclear on what my get-pizza fn should return in order to utilize those schemas. Their example uses the ring-http-response lib to generate the return values, but there is no difference between my return value for get-pizza and the ring-http-response 'not found' fn.

Truthfully I would rather not use the :responses param if possible because I can already foresee all the code duplication. Before specifying the :return Schema I was able to have my get-pizza fn return a 404 and be correctly passed onto the requester but once I added the Schema I was no longer able to do that. I considered having the return value be :return (s/one Pizza Error) where Error would be a generically defined error map but I don't see why I would do this for every route if all calls could in theory return a 500.

Note: The reason I switched to utilizing the :return param is that it makes the generated swagger-ui docs much prettier & easier to understand.


You have a small issue in your code I assume as you didn't show implementation of your get-pizza [id] function.

You return {:status 404 :body {:message "Invalid ID provided}} which is then wrapped into HTTP 200 response by (ok (get-pizza id)).

Your get-pizza function should return a pizza or nil if not found. Your HTTP response should be generated based on that in your route:

(GET "/:id" []
  :path-params [id :- Long]
  :return Pizza
  :summary "Gets a pizza"
  (if-let [pizza (get-pizza id)]
    (ok pizza)
    (not-found {:message "Invalid ID provided"})))

The original example from compojure-api repo has a bit different implementation where for nil values from get-pizza it will still return HTTP 200 response with empty response body. According to your question you would return 404 instead and the code above should meet your requirement.

  • The code above returns the same error because the response of not-found does not match the defined :return value of the Pizza schema. It does work when I do (s/maybe Pizza) but it seems unreasonable to have to wrap all of my return values in s/Maybe when not all of them will return 200s. get-pizza lives in another file and i want the get-pizza fn to be able to return a 404 that this path definition will then properly process and was wondering if there was a way with compojure-api to do and still have a defined return fn since it doesn't seem to be an unreasonable use case. – kittyminky Feb 25 '16 at 20:53
  • Did you change the route definition to use not-found when nil pizza is returned? You can try with a modified example from my fork: git clone https://github.com/pbzdyl/compojure-api cd compojure-api git checkout stackoverflow-35618493 lein run Then in another terminal: curl -v http://localhost:3000/api/pizzas/1000 and you will get HTTP 404 and the message. – Piotrek Bzdyl Feb 25 '16 at 21:02
  • There was an error in your code that didn't let it run but using not-found works. My question though is that I want a way to just have (get-pizza id) return the response i want rendered (status code and all). Otherwise for every single route I will have to separately check for 200,404,409 etc – kittyminky Mar 1 '16 at 17:53
  • Could you provide more info what error you were getting? Regarding your concern to have your get-pizza to render the whole response - this way you are moving the same problem deeper into your code. Now your handler generates the response using ok or not-found and you want to generate responses manually as maps in get-pizza function. – Piotrek Bzdyl Mar 1 '16 at 17:59
  • It was a local dependency issue, it runs now! And I found an example in their wiki that has a similar approach except it has a separate fn wrapping that get-pizza, this is the approach I will go with since for most of the routes I have to handle more than just 200s & 404s github.com/JarrodCTaylor/authenticated-compojure-api/blob/… – kittyminky Mar 1 '16 at 19:09

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