I'm working on c#.net project, in that i need to add vantiv payment process to my project and i'd like to use PayPal SDK. Can anyone please tell me how to integrate PayPal's SDK for free.

Thank you.


There's a few good ones. I always prefer PayPal's github docs - Payapal .NET Github Wiki

First you need to Sign-Up to a PayPal developer's account and then update your web.config with the given key using the following code (taken from the link above):

    <section name="paypal" type="PayPal.SDKConfigHandler, PayPal" />

  <!-- PayPal SDK settings -->
      <add name="mode" value="sandbox" />
      <add name="clientId" value="__CLIENT_ID__" />
      <add name="clientSecret" value="__CLIENT_SECRET__" />

Good luck my friend.

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