I have been assigned a task to create project using laravel 5 framework in Eclipse for PHP Developer.


I have downloaded eclipse for php developer and I have also installed Compser plugin from http://p2-dev.pdt-extensions.org/. But when i tried to create project from existing eclipse suddenly close.

I have also tried eclipse composer plugin but I did not get success.

I am not able to create laravel project in eclipse. I have to use composer to maintain dependencies. Please suggest me how to do it.

I am using eclipse mars 1 for php developer.


Duplicate question, answer here : Create new PHP project in Eclipse (existing sources)

Using PDT Eclipse (or install PHP Eclipse plugin) :

  1. File -> New -> PHP Project ...
  2. In Content box, check Create project at existing location (from existing source)
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Install the Remote Server Plugin, less troubles.

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