I have written simple client & server program using rsocket - RDMA socket API using following version of librdmacm-dev & librdmacm1 package (using Ubuntu 14.04):

librdmacm1/trusty 1.0.16-1 i386 librdmacm-dev/trusty 1.0.16-1 i386

  1. When server is started, it fails in rselect() call, with following error:

    $ ./rserver 8000 rselect: Cannot allocate memory

  2. Instead of rsocket APIs used Unix Socket APIs and tried to run server by LD_PRELOADing of "/usr/lib/rsocket/librspreload.so", but it failed with same error:

    $ export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/rsocket/librspreload.so; ./rserver 8000 rselect: Cannot allocate memory

I didn't find any good online help on rsockets nor found any sample working code? Can some one help on resolving this?


My colleague saw the same problem while fiddling with rdma using rsocket preload. In his case it turned out to be a rights issue. Try running as root and see if that gets you any further.

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