I have a basic spreadsheet with dates and amounts:

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When I create a chart, Excel displays the values on a per-data-point basis. I would like the points to be displayed on a per-month basis.

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Similar to this question, but without a pivot chart.

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    Do you have the capacity to add columns to the data? If so, you could add a "Month" column next to your "Created (UTC)" column which would simply use the MONTH function in Excel. Then by using SUMIF (or SUMIFS if you're using multiple years) you can produce a summary table by month. Then graph that instead? – asongtoruin Feb 25 '16 at 12:09

First I made another column which extracted just the month out of the dates:

=MONTH(<date cell>)+((YEAR(<date cell>)-2015)*12)

Then using @asongtoruin's suggestion, I ended up making a series of cells for each month


 =SUMIF(<range of months>, 0,<range of values>)

 =SUMIF(<range of months>, 1,<range of values>)

 =SUMIF(<range of months>, 2,<range of values>)

I then had a series of month-only data:

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Which I could then make a chart for:

enter image description here

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