I have synced Active Directory with Azure Active Directory.

However after I did this, I setup my custom domain. Yes I know, I did this in the wrong order.

My question: Is there a way to resync Active Directory and Azure Active Directory so that all the usernames can be updated with the new domain?


Open your power shell and type

Get-MsolDirSyncFeatures -Feature EnableSoftMatchOnUpn

Soft match means you get an bidirectional snych. If this feature is not active within you setup you need to activate it first with

Set-MsolDirSyncFeature -Feature EnableSoftMatchOnUpn -Enable $true

After this a forced delta synch should deliver the wanted results in the hybrid config. IF you have colliding objects afterwards, you could take a look into here.


All Accounts could be synched and combined again without any problems. There is also a error correction in your azure active directory admin interface.

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