I want to add all the files in the current directory to git:

git add .
error: open(".mysql_history"): Permission denied
fatal: unable to index file .mysql_history

That's fine. That file happens to be in this directory and owned by root. I want to add all other files. Is there a way to do that without having to manually add each file by hand?

I know that I could add the file to exclude or .gitignore, but I'd like to have it just ignore things based on permissions (there's a good chance other files like this will end up in the directory, and adding them to .gitignore all the time is a pain).

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Use git add --ignore-errors .

This will still give an error for the unreadable file(s), but not a fatal one. The other files will be added.

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    If you are using VS this can happen. In my case I had to close all Visual Studio instances. Shutting down IIS Express and restarting Visual Studio will also solve the issue.
    – Dhanuka777
    May 17 '16 at 3:57
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    @Dhanuka777 this was the answer for me! Far easier than creating a .gitignore and adding the file like many other suggestions. Thank you!
    – Burkely91
    Dec 8 '16 at 13:21

Closing your IDE or whatever that uses the relative files you want to upload solved my problem


Would it help if you added that file to your .gitignore file? So all other files would be versioned and that file would get ignored (unless you need it).


As @Dhanuka777 pointed in comments, if you are using Visual Studio or Unity, you have to shutdown all Visual Studio and Unity instances before git add .

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Just exclude the file. You can add .mysql_history to a .gitignore file, or add it to .git/info/exclude.

Adding an entry to .gitignore will propagate the setting with the repo (since .gitignore is stored with the repo); adding it to .git/info/exclude makes it "personal" because this file is not propagated with the repo. Either way, .mysql_history will be ignored by git-add and friends.

You can read more about ignoring files with Git on this man page.

sudo chown $(whoami): .git/objects/ -R; git add --ignore-errors .

fixed it for me. The first half fixed ownership, (someone checked-in as root, naughty) and the second half makes errors non-fatal. The second half on its own helped me track down which directory was owned by root.


I was using @matli 's solution but still having troubles sometimes. I ended up using

git add --ignore-errors --force .


Closed all instances of visual studio worked for me


Please Specify file name you want to add; example:

git add index.html

I hope this helps you also


Check if there is some task/process related to those files running in background.

I realised trying to empty my Temp folder. When a file cannot be erased, Windows informs you which is the process related to. Killing that process solved me the problem.

That's why finishing the IDE or restarting the system usually works.

chmod 755 file.xxx

works for me.


In my case, I was trying to add excel file to git, but those excel file where opened, hence 'git add' was trying to add the $filename.xlsx(the file which gets created along side the original file while we are working on an opened instance of that file).Closing the excel file worked for me


This idiot (me) tried to add files to git that were on onedrive (terrible place for a git repo I know), without onedrive running...


Restarting system (Windows) solving my problem.

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