Most of the questions dealing with /dev/tty and docker are centered around docker run.

I have a monitoring agent (newrelic-nr-agent, specifically) that must remain in the foreground in order to let foreman manage it. When the script is invoked after the container has built and launched, everything's fine. It would be best to launch the agent during the docker-compose up stage (which is how my containers launch) and not need to enter the running container to launch the agent.

I can't necessarily patch the script because it's installed from the New Relic apt repo.

I've looked at build fails because /dev/tty isn't available but that doesn't address my problem. The image builds successfully but won't launch because the monitoring agent fails.

The relevant line in my Procfile:

nginx-nr-agent: /usr/bin/nginx-nr-agent.py -f start

And in the Dockerfile:

# ENV TERM vt100 ENV TERM tty

I've tried both settings individually and no setting. None of the setting work.

The error from foreman:

app_1 | 17:26:36 nginx-nr-agent.1 | Traceback (most recent call last): app_1 | 17:26:36 nginx-nr-agent.1 | File "/usr/bin/nginx-nr-agent.py", line 610, in <module> app_1 | 17:26:36 nginx-nr-agent.1 | main() app_1 | 17:26:36 nginx-nr-agent.1 | File "/usr/bin/nginx-nr-agent.py", line 583, in main app_1 | 17:26:36 nginx-nr-agent.1 | daemon_runner = MyDaemonRunner(app) app_1 | 17:26:36 nginx-nr-agent.1 | File "/usr/bin/nginx-nr-agent.py", line 521, in __init__ app_1 | 17:26:36 nginx-nr-agent.1 | runner.DaemonRunner.__init__(self, app) app_1 | 17:26:36 nginx-nr-agent.1 | File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/daemon/runner.py", line 80, in __init__ app_1 | 17:26:36 nginx-nr-agent.1 | self.daemon_context.stdout = open(app.stdout_path, 'w+') app_1 | 17:26:36 nginx-nr-agent.1 | IOError: [Errno 6] No such device or address: '/dev/tty' app_1 | 17:26:36 nginx-nr-agent.1 | exited with code 1


For posterity, the solution:

In the Dockerfile:


In the docker-compose.yml:

tty: true

In the Procfile:

nginx-nr-agent: /usr/bin/nginx-nr-agent.py -f start

The tty: true in the docker-compose.yml was the missing piece!

  • Man, I was having this problem for WEEKS. Google wasn't even helping, I finally used Duck Duck Go and searched for nginx docker No such device or address and found this obscure solution. Thanks for sharing with "posterity". More specifically, my error was nginx: [alert] could not open error log file: open() "/var/log/nginx/error.log" failed (6: No such device or address) because I was running from a Node.js npm script in docker for development. (I'm being explicit for for posterity as well) – Sam Eaton Sep 1 '18 at 5:34

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